Robbins Timber recognises that we have a simple duty to acknowledge and contribute to the protection and conservation of the world’s timber supplies and other finite resources. The ways in which we do this are outlined in the statements below. Our policy statements are constantly under review, especially in light of new information on scientific advances, environmental and safety legislation and industrial activity.

As acceptance of certification standards and availability of such certified timbers becomes more commonplace, we shall review which sources are acceptable and ensure we have the knowledge to pass on to our customers in order for them to make informed decisions on their purchasing sources.


  • The Company will ensure that all relevant legislation, regulations and other requirements, including safety in the workplace, are met and where possible and appropriate exceeded.
  • The Company will prevent pollution, and aim to reduce waste and the consumption of non-renewable resources and encourage greater efficiency, recovery and recycling wherever feasible.
  • We are members of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF), and as such fully support, and are bound by the TTF Environmental Code of Practice, Responsible Purchasing Policy and resultant due diligence processes.
  • As a signatory to the Timber Trade Federation’s Responsible Purchasing Policy, the Company shall comply with the provisions of the EUTR both as an Operator and Trader, and actively carry out risk assessments on all suppliers to enqure their compliance with EUTR Policy. The primary sources of certified timber shall be the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) (click here for Product Group List), the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC™) and the Finnish Forest Certification Scheme (FFCS). Ultimately, through mutual recognition, all of these organisations should be able to demonstrate high forest management standards within a framework compatible with ISO14001 and EMAS.
  • The Company demonstrates its commitment to these policies by being able to supply goods when available under the following certified chain of custody supplier status: FSC® Certification number TT- COC-1892 and PEFC™ Certification number TT-PEFC-0032.


To view a short animation on the benefits of timber, please play the video below:

Video – Nature’s Stroke Of Genius